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NEO WiFi Switch

Publié le : 09/07/2016 15:22:52
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NEO WiFi switch is working on local WiFi, but not in 3G/4G...

Your switch is not up to date. You can update it as follow:

Option 1: Leave your NEO WiFi Switch plugged to power socket and connected to you local WiFi network with internet for 24h. It will automatically update itself to the latest firmware.

Option 2: Go on advanced setting on your WiFi switch as you do to change its name / logo. Then click on the cloud on the up right side, and check that the firmware version (n°20). Click on "Update now" and follow the steps. The firmware will update and display the new version n°21. 

NEO WiFi switch can not be recognized on my WiFi network..

Check your password, it has to be under 32 caracters.

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